Pop Music meets Custom Cakes

Katy Perry is a unique, bold & COLORFUL woman! When she released her catchy song entitled Birthday, I fell in love with the tune. When she released the lyric video for the song, I fell in love all over again. Why? Because the lyric video features baking related items, tons of color and the things that I love most in this industry…CUSTOM CAKES!!!

My favorite part of the song is the chorus:

“Boy, when you’re with me
I’ll give you a taste
Make it like your birthday everyday
I know you like it sweet
So you can have your cake
Give you something good to celebrate

So make a wish
I’ll make it like your birthday everyday
I’ll be your gift
Give you something good to celebrate”


So, I invite you all to take a moment (or three minutes and thirty-five seconds) to add a cup of color to your day with this Katy Perry video.