Hello World…It’s Skyler

Well hello there! Yes, I’m talking to you! Welcome to the mind of Skyler! I am a baker, cake artist, Mother & wife who absolutely adores sharing recipes, opinions, hilarious stories & ALL THINGS COLORFUL! I am new to the “blogosphere” so hopefully you’ll stick around long enough to see my posts evolve into something magical. 🙂 So now that I have told you a little about myself, there are a few tidbits that I’d like to add. First, I am a self taught cake decorator unless you’d like to count the 1.5 Wilton cake decorating courses I took at a local Jo-Ann Fabrics store. Second, I LOVE words & explaining things in detail so I apologize if these posts get long. Third, I am a Mother before everything else so if I post an entry late let’s assume that the children have my full attention. Last, but certainly not least, I hope that you will find something useful in these posts. I intend to post not only things that I have created but also things that are humorous, colorful & resourceful…much like myself!