Details, Details, Details!!!

I am a firm believer that details make the difference! Some might even say that I obsess over minuscule & minute things. Items that they may deem to be extremely small & of little importance by definition. However, my intention as a cake artist is to add those items that will make a difference in the way that a clients cake is received by their family & friends. Details make an artist stand out & can sometimes serve as an artists signature. The cake community sees its fair share of duplicate cakes & trends so a single addition or omission of a detail can make a world of difference & set an artists cake apart from the rest.

I love it when my finished cakes are photographed next to their inspiration & viewers have a difficult time distinguishing between the real product & the edible works. Throughout my short cake decorating career, this has been something that I have prided myself on, improved & sometimes struggled with. If you ask an artist about a particular piece, a common response may be that they are happy with the piece as a whole but may have liked to focus more on one detail or another. As a cake artist, I am no different. I will often spend time on a small aspect of a cake in the hopes that my clients will be impressed with the level of detail & time that was spent creating that section. Often, that is the area that the client falls in love with even if they overlook it at first glance.


The best example that I can provide regarding my own attention to detail is the Nike Hyperdunk shoe cake that I created last May (pictured above). The shoe replica took approximately 8 hours of work to complete due to the unique patterns & textures of the shoe. I found ways to duplicate mesh, color match, add texture to the sole & layer the details to create the same depth that the shoe design employed. The fact that I was able to make a cake that looked like a shoe stunned the guests at the party but Jordan, the birthday girl, was impressed with the fact that the specs of color on the sole were the exact color of the ones on the real shoe. I purposefully made the edible shoe the same size as the original so that it would be easy to compare them. Jordan contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know that no one ever ate the shoe because it was so beautiful that she didn’t have the heart to destroy it & even after a year it is still intact!

When you commission any custom works, you have the freedom to request any level of detail that you prefer, that the artist can handle & you may only be bound by small limitations/parameters.  I try my best to create edible art that people can admire, show off, fall in love with & not regret paying for.