Cupcakes: Let’s get creative!

CUPCAKES!!!!! I love making them & people love eating them! Why? Because, in a word, they are AWESOME!!! Cupcakes allow party-goers the freedom to have their cake & avoid having to use a plate or even utensils. Cupcakes are also a great way to personalize your sweet treats according to who & what you are celebrating. For example, if someone is throwing a birthday party for a friend who loves skateboarding, cooking, reading, the color orange & painting but the party theme is Paris in the Summer…the client may not have a clear idea of how to incorporate all of those elements. However, that is where your friendly neighborhood cake artist comes in to save the day! I could easily make the suggestion to create a scene on the cake that tells a story or have multiple tiers and depict a different set of activities/likes on each (A beautiful Paris sunset with orange hues & someone painting on an easel near an open window overlooking the city, cooking French cuisine, reading on a bench near the Eiffel tower, etc). But if the cake only needs to be big enough for 10 guests, that design will leave the client with four times the amount of cake needed & chances are they have just blown through their party budget on cake. To avoid this, I would suggest  ordering cupcakes with toppers which depict each of the items that the birthday guy/gal loves. Each cupcake would be independently crafted so no two cupcakes would have to be the same. If the client has their heart set on having an actual cake, I might make a suggestion to order a small cake for the top of the cupcake tower with the design being the theme of the party.

Yet another awesome thing about cupcakes are the endless flavor possibilities! I currently offer the following flavors:



German chocolate




White chocolate


Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate covered strawberry

Do not despair! If you don’t see something that you like or if you are open to experimenting, I absolutely love creating and trying new recipes! The strangest request I have ever received was for “breakfast” in a cupcake. The client inquired about pancake mix cupcakes with scrambled eggs and bacon inside topped with maple syrup buttercream icing. I don’t have any photos of these because the request was a joke but being who I am, I instantly began constructing this cupcake in my mind. I have put many cupcake combinations together over the years, including: peanut butter cup, strawberry banana, Neapolitan, Cherry Coke float, Guinness chocolate & mint chocolate to name a few.

I am currently perfecting a few that will be added to the available flavors once the taste testers have approved them.

We are currently working on the following flavors:

Tequila lime


Orange cream

Pina colada





Rum & Coke

Cherries jubilee


Are you excited about what we are working on? Are there any flavors that you would suggest?

Comment below & we will let you know when we start working on that particular flavor!

Peace, Love & Tasty Goodness, Skyler